Andy Sims - Breif Bio


Here's some info about myself to better understand who i am.

I attended U.C. Berkeley, graduating in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Geography. During my time in college I interned at the Cities of Berkeley and Pasadena in the GIS department, which helped build a foundation of GIS knowledge. After graduating from CAL, I took a position at a small GIS consulting firm in Southern California. Starting out primarily as a GIS Analyst, I quickly realized the need for automation, so I began working with Python and SQL, and use both everyday. I'm fascinated with Python and all its applications. I make sure to learn something new everyday. Outside of work, my wife and daughter are my world. Some things I enjoy are enjoying nature, going on walks, baking/cooking (more of a sous chef to my wife), and watching sitcoms. I grew up playing baseball and hockey, so I'm definitely a fan of both sports.

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