Hi, my name's Andy.

The reason for starting to write stems from my growing distaste for social media. Social media is fine if the goal is promoting a product and or business. But with that includes a bunch of other BS, such as dealing with phonies, false expectations (you’re not going viral, get over it), affect on health, like sleeping, and addiction. I have to say something here about social and addiction, you’re fucking pathetic if you’re one of the people that either can’t sit through a meal without having your face shoved into your phone while you eat, or even worse, on it while spending time with others you supposedly care about. Now that’s depressing.

Sure, social media use to be (and still is) a place to connect with others you might’ve not had the chance to otherwise. However, it’s largely a popularity contest, and I’m opting out. Now I'm going to be a bit hypocritical here and say I'll still post on my accounts, but solely for sharing (simple things, not anything crazy like me naked in the Bahamas… kidding.) and connecting with others.

There’s a second reason I’ve chosen to start writing more. I’m tired of consuming meaningless crap. There’s so much media out there. It’s a real task to keep up with it all, navigating past the bad stuff to get to the good. So, instead I’ve decided to make my own content. To others, my stuff may be considered meaningless, crap, or both. That’s fine! I really don’t care. I know I’m not a great writer by any means, but I enjoy it and it allows me to communicate my thoughts, ideas, and opinions fairly well. This in turn will transition my attention away from some of the distractions social media brings, to focusing on improving skills and expand useful knowledge. I’m going to write about things I enjoy, want to learn, life experiences, thoughts, and opinions.

So why publish anything if my intention is to write for myself? Great question. Well, although my main objective is for documenting, consuming less, creating, and overall growth, others may be going through similar situations, have alike views (or not), or might want to start a discussion around a topic. People might, and this could be a long shot, even enjoy my work.

Everyone has a theme when they write or have a podcast. I’ve decided to base mine around the “fuck it” mentality. I’ll speak more on this at a later time, but what I mean by “fuck it” mentality is, up to now I’ve lived a with the feeling of having to “deal with” or “fix” something. Whether it be trying to discover a passion, making others or myself happy, dealing with shitty family members, and being politically correct, among other things. By adopting this way of thinking will allow me to drop all, or at least a lot of, the unnecessary stress that comes with having to tip-toe around BS, trying to solve something that’s out of my hands, and so on.

Okay, so now you know why I’ve started writing, but who am I, what’s my story? I really hate that question. Nonetheless, I’m someone that’s easygoing, puts family first, enjoys and appreciates the simple things in life, and has a variety of interests.

So, this brings me to the end of the first post. For those that stuck around, thanks and hope you enjoyed. There’ll be more to come.

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